Onion Crisp Production Line

Onion Crisp Production Line

Onion Crisp Production Line is a type of industrial assembly line used to produce fried onions that have been cut into thin slices and then deep-fried in oil.

Introduction of onion crisp production line

The onion crisp production line is an industrial line for the mass production of onion friable.

onion crisp production line

Capacity: 500kg/h, 1000kg/h

Processing flow of onion crisp production line

Onion cutting machine - Elevator - Onion peeling machine - Conveyor - Onion cleaning machine - Onion shredding machine - Elevator -Onion Frying machine - Onion De-oiling machine - Onion Seasoning machine - Packing machine

Fried Crispy Onion Production Line

Main Products of onion crisp production line

Onion Root Cutting Machine

All onion processing lines need to cut the head and root of the onion first.

An onion root-cutting machine can quickly remove the head and tail of an onion, which has the characteristics of high output and a high finished product rate.

Onion Root Cutting Machine


The onions are lifted to the onion peeling machine at a uniform speed after the heads and tails are cut, which does not require manual operation and saves time and effort.


Onion peeling machine

The onion peeling machine adopts the pneumatic principle.

The peeling process does not go through the blade and hardness friction effect, fully automatic digital control, the peeled onion has no damage, the surface is smooth, and no pollution.Onion peeling machine


The conveyor is responsible for transferring the onions under processing between different machines.

Onion Washing Machine

The onion washing machine will clean the selected onions.

The washing machine has a bubble-generating device to make the onions tumble, which can effectively remove the impurities on the surface of the onions.

Onion Washing Machine

The floating matter can be overflowed from the overflow tank, and the sediment can be discharged from the discharge port to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The onion washing machine features thorough cleaning, energy-saving, and water-saving, and stable and reliable equipment.

Onion shredding machine

The onion shredding machine will shred the cleaned onion, which has a good quality cutting surface, even thickness of shredding, fresh cutting surface tissue, and no destruction of fiber tissue.

Onion Frying Machine

The shredded onion is lifted to the continuous onion fryer through the elevator.

The onion frying machine is made of all stainless steel with controlled temperature. The oil temperature can be set freely according to the characteristics of the fried shredded onion.

Onion Frying Machine

The oil temperature can be set freely according to the characteristics of the shredded onion being fried.

The frequency converter freely adjusts the running part of the mesh belt (i.e., the frying time of the food).

The whole net belt part can be lifted to make the net belt leave the oil surface (i.e., the frying area), which is convenient for the maintenance of the frying line and cleaning the waste residue and dirt inside the frying line.

Onion De-oiling Machine

An onion degreaser can decrease the shredded onion by wind power.

The wind de-oiling can effectively remove the oil drops on the material's surface and also play a role in cooling down the temperature, which significantly shortens the preparation work of labeling and boxing, is suitable for assembly line operation, and improves the automation of production.

Onion De-oiling Machine

The wind temperature is room temperature, effectively protecting the color and quality of the material itself.

Onion seasoning machine

Drum-type onion seasoning machine will season the shredded onion after degreasing.

The seasoning machine adopts roller-type seasoning, which is very convenient to use with the production line and realizes the fully automatic production, saving time and effort to improve the output.

Onion seasoning machine

The whole is made of pure stainless steel, durable and long-lasting without rusting. The drum's length and diameter can be customized according to the customer's needs, and the customer can customize the suitable seasoning machine according to their production needs.

Packing Machine

The packaging machine can pack the seasoned onion shreds.

The fully automatic packaging machine has the advantages of low investment, high return, fast speed, and high efficiency.

It dramatically improves the reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.

Packing Machine

The packaging machine realizes automatic production, from automatic feeding, lifting, and weighing to automatic bag making and packaging without manual operation and error.

Powerful automatic data statistics function can record the total number of bags produced in each batch, qualification rate and single bag error, etc.

The packing machine can adjust the filling speed, size, weight, and other data through the touchscreen operation interface.

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main products

Onion root head cutting Machine
The onion root cutting machine is a critical component of the onion processing line, specifically designed to remove roots from large quantities of onions efficiently. The machine consists of a conveyor belt that moves the onions to a rotating blade, which quickly slices off the roots, while the remaining onion bulb is unaffected.
Onion elevator
Onion elevators are an essential part of modern onion processing plants, providing efficient and reliable transportation of onions between various stages of processing. They are designed to handle large volumes of onions and are built with rugged and durable materials to withstand harsh factory conditions and ensure long-term usability.
Onion Peeling Machine
The onion peeling machine operates by pneumatically cutting the roots of onions and can process a large number of onions per hour, making it an important part of the onion production line. It helps to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and maintain the quality of the onions while minimizing waste.
Onion Conveyors
Onion conveyors are an essential part of onion processing lines, used to transport onions from one stage of the processing line to another. These conveyors are designed to handle the delicate nature of onions, ensuring they are not damaged during the transportation process. They are usually made of food-grade materials such as stainless steel, and they come in various shapes and sizes to suit different production line configurations.
Onion Bubble washing machine
The onion cleaning machine is a remarkable piece of equipment that is intended for cleaning and eliminating unwanted elements from peeled onions in a manufacturing line. The onion washing machine is composed of superior quality stainless-steel material that guarantees the machine is steadfast and has a long lifespan. The onion washing machine is automated, equipped with cutting-edge sensors and controls that guarantee that the onions are cleaned thoroughly.
Onion shredding machine
Onion shredding machine is an efficient and reliable cutting machine for batch processing cleaned onions into the required shredded texture for further usage. Built with high-quality materials, this onion shredder is designed for heavy-duty use and equipped with a powerful motor and sharp blades that can easily shred tough onions into uniform cuts, saving time and effort for your business.
Onion drying machine
The onion drying machine is a vital tool utilized in the food processing industry to dehydrate sliced onions quickly and effectively. The onion drying machine is used to remove the excess moisture within the onion slices, which makes them easier to store, conserve, and handle. Onion dryers are available in different sizes, depending on the processing plant's required capacity.
Onion cooling machine
The onion cooling machine is a vital component of the onion production industry. It is used to decrease the temperature of dried onion bulbs through air cooling. The cooling machine is outfitted with powerful fans that guarantee even cooling of the onion throughout the production line.
Onion grinding machine
The onion grinding machine is an essential piece of equipment that efficiently grinds dried onions into powder form. With the ability to produce various types that are tailored for specific uses or for integration into onion powder production lines, it provides versatility and convenience.
Onion packing machine
The onion packing machines are specifically designed to simplify the onion packing process, allowing for easy and precise packing of onions in varying sizes and weights. Some of the key features of these machines include advanced technology that ensures high accuracy and user-friendly interfaces that make them simple to operate and maintain.
Onion ring cutting machine
The onion ring cutting machine actively slices whole onions into rings, making it a crucial piece of equipment in any onion ring production line. After peeling and cleaning the onions, they are fed into the machine for cutting. The machine's sharp blades effortlessly slice the onion into perfectly shaped rings, ready for further processing.
Onion frying machine
The Onion Frying machine is an industrial-grade frying equipment specifically designed for onion production lines. Its heavy-duty construction and advanced heating system make it a reliable and efficient tool for frying large quantities of onions. Additionally, it can also be used alone for low output operations. The Onion fryer has customizable frying cycles, ensuring that the finished onion products meet exact specifications.
Onion deoiling machine
The onion de-oiling machine in the onion production line uses a chain to transport the fried onions and a powerful fan to blow off the excess oil from the onion surface.
Onion seasoning machine
The onion seasoning machine is an essential piece of equipment used in the processing of onions. It plays a critical role in adding flavor to processed onions. Different materials may require different types of onion seasoning machines. Generally, when setting up a production line for onions, it is recommended to use a roller onion seasoning machine.
Onion Dicing Machine
The onion dicing machine is designed to dice large quantities of onions quickly and efficiently, often used in production lines along with other equipment. The onion dicing machine have a specialized blade grid and slicing mechanism that ensures uniform size and consistency of the diced onions.

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