Fruit vegetable Shredded cutting machine

Fruit vegetable Shredded cutting machine

The fruit and vegetable shredder is a machine for shredding fruit and vegetables into fine julienne strips.


The Fruit and Vegetable Shredding machine cuts root vegetables such as ginger into uniform shreds.

Care and maintenance of the Shredding machine.

1. Each time the work is completed, the knife set will be disassembled and cleaned and then wiped dry before installing it on the machine to prevent the growth of bacteria.

2. When installing the knife set, pay attention to the installation order of the knife box and the direction of the knife tip facing.

3. When dismantling the knife set and blades, consider safety and prevent injuries.

Raw materials

The fruit and vegetable Shredding machine can process products such as yam, bamboo shoots, cucumber, spring onion, lotus root, radish, pickled vegetables, and lettuce.

Product Features

1. The fruit and vegetable Shredding machine is made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy, which can fully adapt to a humid environment. The body and frame do not rust, significantly increasing the service life of this machine.

2. Fruit and vegetable Shredding machines can be customized knife set to cut different thickness sizes.

It can be cut into shreds immediately without destroying the original internal tissue, juice, and taste.

3. Fruit and vegetable shredding machine knife set disassembly is simple, cutting toughness, long service life, and easy maintenance.

4. Fruit and vegetable shredder processing out of the cut surface smooth, no burr, easy to operate, easy to clean.

5. The height of the fruit and vegetable Shredding machine is adjustable, and a device for multiple uses, fruits, and vegetables is available.

6. Fruit and vegetable Shredding machine is designed with a quick-release knife set, easy to replace, quick-release aluminum plate, and easy to clean and maintain.

Technical parameters











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