Rotary drum seasoning machine

Rotary drum seasoning machine

Rotary Drum seasoning Machine is a specialized machine used to season and coat food products with a variety of different flavors, seasonings, and coatings. Rotary Drum Flavoring Machine features a rotating drum that is constantly tumbled and agitated


The Drum Flavouring Machine allows for automated bulk discharges and is suitable for all food processing lines requiring flavoring.

Raw material

The Drum Seasoning Machine can process fried and puffed foods, such as French fries, chips, biscuits, and vegetables.

Product Features

1. Drum seasoning machine with a tilting angle can achieve automatic material mixing output.

2. Drum seasoning machine can realize continuous seasoning operation.

3. The drum seasoning machine is equipped with a spiral powder feeding device, which can evenly and continuously scatter the seasoning into the drum so that the herb will not be deposited, bonded, and so on.

4. The drum discharge port is equipped with a mesh so that the remaining seasoning can be sieved out and collected for reuse.

5. Drum seasoning machines can be customized according to the output requirements of the production line.

Technical parameters









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