Automatic discharge blanching machine

Automatic discharge blanching machine

Automatic discharge blanching machine is a machine used in the food processing industry to quickly blanch vegetables and fruits. The machine operates by immersing the product in hot water for a set period of time and then automatically discharging it

Introduction of Automatic blanching machine

The automatic blanching machine is a type of blanching machine that can automatically dispense material and is usually used in vegetable processing lines to brine and steam raw materials.

Automatic blanching machine

Raw material of Automatic blanching machine

The automatic blanching machines is suitable for processing vegetables, fruit, aquatic products, and other granular, leafy, rootstock materials.

Automatic blanching machine

Product Features of Automatic blanching machine

1.The automatic discharging blanching machine can dispense the material and has a high processing capacity.

2.The automatic blanching machine can be heated in various ways, including electric heating, natural gas heating, liquefied gas heating, etc.

3.The automatic blanching machine adopts automated temperature control technology, and the water temperature is even.

Automatic blanching machine

Technical parameters of Automatic blanching machine

Model Power Weight Dimensions
DPT1200A 27kw/380v 210kg 1600*1050*1100mm
DPT1500A 40.5kw/380v 250kg 1900*1050*1100mm
DPT2000A 54kw/380v 310kg 2350*1050*1100mm
DPT1000Y 45kw/380v 400kg 1360*1290*1400mm
DPT1200Y 63kw/380v 500kg 1600*1490*1500mm
DPT1500Y 79kw/380v 580kg 1680*2050*1500mm
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