Vegetable vibrating screening machine

Vegetable vibrating screening machine

Fruit and vegetable screening machines are special-purpose machines used to inspect, grade, size, and sort fruits and vegetables by size, weight, and shape.


Vegetable vibrating screening machines are mainly used for the vibratory classification of fruit and vegetable products in size.

Raw material

The vibrating screening machine can process garlic rice, hazelnuts, chestnuts, dates, etc.

Product Features

1. Fruit and vegetable vibrating screening machines can effectively separate and classify different sizes of vegetable particles, which can be sorted and graded precisely.

2. The fruit and vegetable vibrating sifter can be customized with screen sizes to suit different vegetable particle sizes, making the sorting process more flexible.

3. The fruit and vegetable vibrating screening machine have an inclined angle to allow smooth transfer of the finished product to the following process or equipment.

4. Fruit and vegetable vibrating sieving machines use high-frequency vibration to move the material forward.

Technical parameters







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