Banana/Plantain Chips Production Line

Banana/Plantain Chips Production Line

Banana chips processing production line is a series of machines and equipment used to produce banana or plantain chips in large quantities. Plantain chips processing production line typically consists of several stages, including cleaning and peeling the bananas/plantains, slicing them into chips of uniform size, frying or baking the chips, seasoning and packaging them.

Solution of Banana/Plantain Chips Production Line

Semi-Automatic Plantain Chips Production Line
Semi-automatic Plantain chips production line is a machine used to process Plantain chips.
Full-Automatic Banana Chips Processing Line
Full-automatic banana chips production line is a complete production line designed for the production of banana chips. It is composed of banana peeling machine, banana cutting machine, blanching machine, dewatering machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavor machine, packaging machine and other machines. The whole line is automatic and highly efficient, which greatly reduces the labor cost of banana chips production.

The banana chips production line is equipment specially used for making banana chips.

It usually includes multiple processes such as cleaning, slicing, blanching, frying, drying, seasoning, etc. The bananas are processed through automated equipment to produce various flavors and shapes of banana chip products.1

The technological process of the banana chip line generally includes the following main steps:

1. Slicing: The cleaned bananas are sliced through a banana-slicing machine to make them uniform in shape and size.

2. Cleaning: The cut banana slices should enter the air bubble washing machine for cleaning.

3. Air-drying: The cleaned banana slices are cooled with an air dryer to blow off excess water on the surface of the banana slices.

4. Frying: Use a banana slices fryer to quickly fry the banana chips to keep the freshness of the banana chips and make the banana chips more crispy.

5. Deoiling: Use a continuous deoiling machine to blow off excess oil on the banana slices.

6. Seasoning: Season the dried banana slices, and add sweet, salty, spicy, and other seasonings as needed.

7. Packing: Send the seasoned banana slices into the packaging machine for automatic packaging.

The finished banana slices can be classified and packaged according to the specifications and packaging methods.3

The above is the primary technological process of the banana chip production line, and different manufacturers and manufacturers may make other adjustments and improvements.

The Banana chip line generally includes the following central machinery and equipment:

1. Banana slicer: slice the cleaned bananas through automatic equipment to make them have a uniform shape and size.

2. Banana chip washing machine: the cut banana chips enter the washing machine to wash off the surface impurities, starch, etc.

3. Banana chip air dryer: use the air dryer to process the cleaned banana chips to remove the excess water on the surface of the banana chips.

4. Banana Chip Fryer: Put the cleaned banana chips into the fryer for quick frying to remove moisture and increase crispness.

5. Banana chip de-oiler: The fried banana chips should be deoiled with a de-oiler to remove excess oil on the surface of the banana chips.

5. Seasoning machine: Season the dried banana slices, and add sweet, salty, spicy, and other seasonings as needed.

6. Packing machine: Send the seasoned banana slices into the packing machine for automatic packaging. The finished banana slices can be sorted and packed according to specifications and packaging methods.

In addition to the commonly used machinery and equipment mentioned above, other auxiliary equipment may be used, such as conveyor belts, electronic control systems, testing instruments, etc., to ensure the regular operation and quality control of the entire production line.

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Plantain chips Blanching Machine
A plantain chips blanching machine is a piece of equipment used in the processing of plantain chips. Blanching is a process where plantain slices are briefly immersed in boiling water, then cooled down in cold water, and finally dried or fried. This process helps to remove excess starch and improve the texture, color, and flavor of the chips.
Plantain chips dewaetring machine
A plantain chips dewatering machine is a equipment used in the production of plantain chips.The machine is used to remove excess moisture from the plantain slices before they are fried, which ensures that the chips are crispy and have a longer shelf life. The dewatering machine typically uses a centrifugal force to extract water from the sliced plantains, and can process large amounts of plantains in a short amount of time.
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Plantain chips deoiling machine
A Plantain chips deoiling machine is a device or equipment used in the food processing industry, specifically for removing excess oil from fried plantain chips. After the plantain chips are fried, they need to be deoiled to remove the excess oil and improve their quality and taste.
Plantain chips seasoning machine
A plantain chips seasoning machine is a piece of equipment used in the food processing industry to add seasoning to plantain chips. This machine is designed to apply a uniform layer of seasoning to the chips as they move along a conveyor belt or other types of feed mechanisms. It can apply different types of flavorings, such as salt, pepper, cheese, spices or any other ingredients that enhance the taste of the plantain chips.
Plantain chips packing machine
A plantain chips packing machine is a specialized technology that is designed for the packaging of plantain chips into different types of containers, such as pouches, bags, or boxes. It is an automated machine that performs various functions, including weighing, filling, sealing, and labeling. Plantain chips packing machines allow for faster and more efficient packaging, improve product quality, and extend shelf life.
Banana slicing machine
A banana slicing machine is a device used to cut bananas into uniform slices. It works by placing the banana into a slot and using a blade or blades to slice the banana into thin, even pieces. This machine is commonly used in food processing plants, banana chip manufacturing companies, and for large scale food preparation in commercial kitchens.
Banana chips cleaning machine
A banana chip cleaning machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the banana chip production process. It is used to remove dirt, impurities, and other contaminants from the sliced bananas that are used to make banana chips.
Banana chips Blanching Machine
A banana chips blanching machine is a piece of equipment used in the food industry to blanch bananas before the chips are made. Blanching is a process that involves briefly immersing food in boiling water or steam and then immediately cooling it in cold water or air. This process helps to remove the skins and any contaminants on the bananas, while also ensuring that they are properly cooked and ready for the next stage in the chip-making process.
Banana chips cooling machine
A Banana chips cooling machine is a piece of equipment that is designed to cool down freshly fried banana chips. The cooling machine consists of a conveyor belt that carries the hot banana chips into a cooling chamber, where cool air is blown over them to lower their temperature. This process helps to prevent the banana chips from becoming soggy and maintains their crispiness.
Banana chips dewaetring machine
The Banana Chips Dehydrator is an essential component of the banana chips production line, primarily designed to dehydrate cleaned or blanched banana chips. By removing moisture, the dehydrator helps to retain the banana chips' natural flavor and nutritional value, while also reducing their oil content.
Banana chips frying machine
Banana Chips Frying Machines are meant to produce large quantities of banana chips efficiently and consistently. They typically have high capacity fry baskets, oil filtration systems, temperature controls, and other features that make them suitable for frying large batches of banana chips without compromising quality.
Banana chips deoiling machine
A Banana chips deoiling machine is a device that is specifically designed to remove excess oil from banana chips after the frying process. The machine is used to ensure that the banana chips have the required texture, taste, and quality. This process helps to reduce the oil content in the banana chips and improve their overall quality and shelf-life.
Banana Chips Sorting Conveyor
Banana chips picking machine refers to a manual picking system used to sort and collect banana chips from a production line. The machine is designed with an array of collection trays where workers can sort through the chips and pick out any defective or irregular ones by hand. These trays are typically placed at different elevations to make the sorting process more ergonomic for workers.

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