Dehydrated Garlic Slice Production Line

Dehydrated Garlic Slice Production Line

Dehydrated garlic slice production line is a set of machinery that is used to efficiently cut, dry, and package garlic into slices.

Introduction of Dehydrated Garlic Slice Production Line

Dehydrated garlic flakes can be consumed directly or as a food supplement and recovered by soaking in warm water, with a long shelf life, and are easy to use.

Dehydrated Garlic Slice Production Line

The dehydrated garlic slices production line is an automatic production line that can produce dehydrated garlic slices in large quantities.

Capacity: 300kg/h,600kg/h,1200kg/h, and 2000kg/h

Processing flow of Dehydrated Garlic Production Line

The process flow of the dehydrated garlic flake line is as follows.

Elevator - Garlic Slicing Machine - Garlic Picking Conveyor - Elevator - Garlic Slicing Machine - Garlic Picking Conveyor - Elevator - Garlic Striping machine - Picking Conveyor - Elevator - Garlic Slicing Machine - Garlic Cleaning machine - Garlic Air Drying machine - Garlic Drying machine - Garlic Air Cooling machine - Packing Machine

Dehydrated Garlic Slice Production Line2

Main Products of Dehydrated Garlic Slice Line


Elevator is a common equipment in garlic processing line, which is used for lifting and conveying garlic in different equipment pieces, usually need to match different quantity according to the output.

Dehydrated Garlic Slice Line

Garlic splitting machine

The garlic splitter uses soft rubber wheels that meet environmental standards to perform a hand-peeling simulation to peel the garlic bulbs. The clearance of the casters of the garlic splitter can be adjusted, and the garlic balls can be used in any size.


The garlic head that has been roughly split has the advantage of no damage to the garlic cloves and a high peeling rate.

The garlic splitting machine is easy to operate with a built-in fan; garlic skin, garlic rod, and garlic clove are separated automatically, and one person can use them alone.

Picking conveyor

After coarse separation, the garlic cloves are transported to the following process through the garlic picking conveyor while picking the residual or incomplete cloves, which is convenient, time-saving, and continuous.

garlic picking conveyor

Garlic Peeling Machine

The garlic peeling machine adopts the pneumatic principle to process the broken cloves into garlic rice without any damage, the cloves can be peeled cleanly without soaking, and the peeling rate can reach more than 95% when the garlic is dry. The garlic peel and rice are separated automatically.

garlic peeling machine

Garlic Slicing Machine

The garlic slicing machine adopts the working principle of the rotary knife to cut the garlic cloves into garlic slices of standard size.

garlic slicing machine

Garlic Washing Machine

Garlic washing machine adopts the principle of bubble washing, which can wash off the impurities on the surface of garlic and the waste materials and trimmings produced in the cutting process.

Garlic washing machine

Garlic air drying machine

The garlic air drying machine can automatically turn over with the conveyor belt during the conveying process.

Then with the powerful fan located above the conveyor belt, the cleaned garlic slices can be blown dry for subsequent processing.

garlic air drying machine

Garlic drying machine

Although the cut garlic slices remove the water on the surface, there is still a certain amount of water content inside the pieces.

After the drying treatment of the garlic drying machine, the water content in the slices is kept within a reasonable range, which helps to preserve the cuts for a long time.

Garlic Air Cooling machine

The primary function of the garlic air cooling machine is to cool down the garlic slices after drying by the fan, which is convenient for later packing, transportation, and storage.

garlic air cooling machine

Packing Machine

The packaging machine used in the production line of dehydrated garlic slices needs to be customized according to the package's weight, quantity, and size.

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main products

Garlic Elevator
Garlic elevator machine is a highly efficient and automated equipment used in garlic production lines for transporting garlic between different devices.
Garlic Clove Separator Machine
The garlic clove separator machine is primarily used in garlic production lines. It is designed to separate a whole garlic bulb into individual cloves. The machine works by utilizing rotating blades to cut and separate the cloves from the bulb, while
Garlic Sorting Conveyor
Garlic Picking Machine is mainly used in garlic production lines to facilitate the removal of unqualified products or waste during the transportation process.
Garlic peeling machine
Garlic peeling machine is mainly used in garlic production lines to remove the skin from garlic cloves that have been separated. This is achieved through a physical process that automatically separates the garlic skin from the peeled garlic cloves.
Garlic slicing machine
Garlic Slicing Machine is primarily used in garlic production lines to slice peeled garlic into garlic pieces for further processing.
Garlic cleaning machine
Garlic cleaning machine is primarily used in garlic production lines to thoroughly clean peeled or sliced garlic using a bubble washing process, eliminating impurities.
Garlic air-drying machine
The garlic drying machine is primarily used in garlic production lines to dry the surface moisture of garlic transported on conveyor chains using a fan. Garlic drying machine is designed to effectively remove excess water from garlic to extend its sh
Garlic drying machine
The Garlic Drying Machine is an essential piece of equipment for garlic production lines. It is designed to quickly and efficiently dry freshly cleaned garlic, making it ideal for use in garlic powder or dehydrated garlic slices.
Garlic air-cooling machine
Garlic air-cooling machine is mainly used in garlic production lines. Typically, the blanched vegetables are cooled using the wind cooling machine. Garlic air cooling machine's chain can flip the vegetables multiple times while transporting them, thereby ensuring thorough cooling.
Garlic Grinding machine
The Garlic Grinding Machine is a powerful industrial-grade appliance that is used for grinding peeled and washed garlic into fine powder.
Garlic packing machine
Garlic packaging machine is used in the garlic powder production line, where the garlic is processed through a conveyor belt and packaged into various packages to facilitate sales.
Garlic paste cutting machine
Garlic paste machines are industrial equipment used for processing garlic to make garlic paste. Garlic paste machines are commonly used in food processing plants and factories where large quantities of garlic paste are needed for distribution or sale.

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