Automatic Potato Chips Production Processing Line Plant

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Our state-of-the-art chips manufacturing solution is meticulously designed to revolutionize your potato chips production process while delivering unparalleled efficiency, quality, and scalability.potato crisp

Revolutionizing Chips Production with Automation

In the dynamic landscape of the snack industry, efficiency is paramount. Our large-scale potato chips production line is engineered to streamline your production while maintaining impeccable quality. The integration of advanced technologies and intelligent systems makes our solution a game-changer.

Effortless Operation and Control

At the heart of our solution lies a central computer system that empowers operators to effortlessly fine-tune settings and monitor the entire production process. This not only ensures consistent quality but also allows for swift adaptations in real-time.

Unleash High Capacity

Designed for enterprises with substantial production demands, our automatic process line caters to large-scale potato chip manufacturing. The capacity to produce a substantial yield of premium potato chips with minimal labor is what sets us apart. Say goodbye to resource-intensive processes and hello to increased productivity.


Key Stages in the Automatic Potato Chips Plant

Embark on a journey of flavor and innovation as we guide you through the crucial stages of potato chip production:

1.Sorting and grading. As the basic materials, the correct kind of potatoes are choose and sorted to ensure the quality of end product. For the sorting process, potato sorting machine can do the excellent job. In our potato chips automatic line, the sorting machine is optional.

2.Washing and peeling. The chosen potatoes are washed and peeled in washing and peeling machine. Our potato washing and peeling machine is the perfect machine to do the work. With continuous water flow and abrasive contacts, our washing and peeling machine can produce good output.

3. Cutting. The clean potatoes are cut into slices with equal thickness by cutter. Our cutting machine can cut potatoes into slices with adjustable thickness with great efficiency.

4. Blanching. The cut potato slices are boiled for a short period of time, which is known as blanching. This process can remove excess sugar and give the potato slices a desirable color. Our potato chips blanching machine can blanch the slices thoroughly in an efficient way.

5. Dewatering. After the blanching process, the slices are dried by dryer to remove excess water so that it can be crispy after being fried. Our potato chips dryer can remove the excess water and distribute them evenly to the fryer.

6. Frying. The dried potato slices are fried in potato chips frying machine for a set period of time. Our continuous potato chips frying machine is specially designed to ensure a perfect frying result with controlled temperature, while at the same time ensure the sustainable use of oil.

7. Deoiling. The fried potato chips should go through defatting process. In this process, our dewatering and deoiling machine will remove the excess water and oil so that the chips will be crispy.

8. Flavoring. The cooled down french fries will be added with flavors with our flavoring machine. With constant rotating and adjustable angles, the seasoning machine can spread flavors evenly on the french fries.

9. Packaging. The final product is packaged to prolong its shelf life or to promote its branding. Our automatic chips making line includes potato chips packaging machine which can do an efficient and excellent packing job.

Except of the above processes, there are also product handling machines which transport the product from one process to another automatically. And these machines are hoppers, belt conveyors and so on.车间3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the potato chips production line suitable for large-scale manufacturing?

Absolutely, our fully automated production line is tailored for enterprises with high production capacity requirements. It's your pathway to substantial yield with minimal labor.

What advantages does chips automatic process line?

Automation enhances efficiency, quality, and scalability. It allows for real-time adjustments, reduced resource consumption, and consistent output, ensuring top-notch chips every time.

Can I customize the thickness of the potato slices?

Absolutely. Our cutting machine offers adjustable thickness, enabling you to craft potato chips that align perfectly with your preferences.

Embrace the future of potato chips production with RELIABLE's fully automated solution. Elevate your business, conserve resources, and delight your customers with every crispy bite.

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