Drum cleaning machine

Drum cleaning machine

The vegetable drum cleaning machine consists of a rotating drum containing water and scrubbing brushes. The drum rotates at high speed, scrubbing the vegetables and removing dirt and other debris. The water and debris are then drained from the drum,

Introduction of Drum cleaning machine

Drum cleaning machines are generally used in vegetable processing lines to deep clean vegetables using air bubbles from the bubble generator set up inside the drum in conjunction with the rotation of the drum.

Drum cleaning machine

Raw materials of Drum cleaning machine

The drum cleaner machine can wash sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, radishes, and other root vegetables.

Drum washing machine

Product Features of Drum cleaning machine

1. The Drum washing machine is a large-capacity vegetable washing machine, usually used with other vegetable processing machines to form semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines.

2. The Drum washer machine is equipped with an internal bubble generator, which can clean vegetables without damaging the surface and protect the integrity of the vegetables.

3. The drum of the Drum washing machine is constantly rotating, which can push the material to roll forward and discharge automatically from the discharge port.

Drum washer machine

Technical parameters of Drum cleaning machine

Model Power Capacity Weight Dimensions
QX3000 3.75kw/380v 1ton/h 300kg 3200*1100*1400mm
QX4000 5.5kw/380v 2ton/h 400kg 4200*1100*1400mm
QX5000 7.5kw/380v 3ton/h 500kg 5200*1100*1400mm
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