Onion elevator

Onion elevator

Onion elevators are an essential part of modern onion processing plants, providing efficient and reliable transportation of onions between various stages of processing. They are designed to handle large volumes of onions and are built with rugged and durable materials to withstand harsh factory conditions and ensure long-term usability.


Onion elevators are a crucial part of modern onion processing plants, providing an efficient and reliable way to transfer onions between various processing stages.

These devices are capable of transporting large volumes of onions and are constructed using sturdy materials that can withstand the rugged factory environment.

Some notable characteristics of onion elevators include:

1) High throughput:

Onion elevators can handle volumes of up to 100 cubic meters per hour or 3 tons per hour, making them a highly efficient option.

2) Conveyor belt:

These devices utilize heavy-duty PVC conveyor belts that can endure the tough onion processing environment.

3) Stainless steel build:

Onion elevators feature sturdy stainless steel construction for increased durability and hygiene.

4) Adjustable legs:

To facilitate ease of use, onion elevators come equipped with adjustable legs for convenient height adjustment.

5) Low maintenance requirements:

Onion elevators have been specifically designed to have low maintenance requirements, ensuring that they consistently provide reliable performance over time.

As with any machinery, it is essential to observe the following precautions when using onion elevators:

1) Proper installation:

Onion elevators must be correctly installed and set up as per the manufacturer's instructions prior to use.

2) Safety measures:

To avoid accidents during operation, operators must wear protective gear like gloves and safety goggles.

3) Onion size:

It is critical to use onion elevators only with onions that are within the specified size range.

4) Regular maintenance:

Carry out regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure durability and optimal performance.

5) Avoid overloading:

Overloading onion elevators can cause damage and malfunction.

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