Water Bubble cleaning machine

Water Bubble cleaning machine

Vegetable water bubble cleaning machines are machines that use water and air bubbles to clean fruits and vegetables. These machines use water at high pressure to create bubbles which are then used to remove dirt and debris from the produce. The bubbl

Introduction of Water Bubble cleaning machine

The bubble washing machine uses high-pressure water and a bubble generator to impact the object's surface to be cleaned.

The energy generated by the rupture of the bubble when it comes into contact with the thing will impact and brush the object's surface to be cleaned.

bubble washing machine

The bubble washer machine uses bubble washing, effectively separating the surface of the material attached, simulating the direct action of manual cleaning, and effectively avoiding the artificial cleaning of touch, knock, scratch, and other phenomena.

The perfect cleaning effect can maintain the original integrity and color of vegetables.

bubble washing machine

The cleaning rate of the air bubble cleaning machine is high, more than three times higher than the cleanliness of the manual conventional washing method.

It also saves water and electricity, so you get a significant return for a small investment.

bubble washing machine

Raw materials of the Water Bubble cleaning machine

The bubble cleaner machine is suitable for cleaning and decontaminating fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, fruits, herbs, and other materials.

bubble washing machine

Features of the Water Bubble cleaning machine

1. The bubble washing machines is made of 304 stainless steel, which is more durable than ordinary 201 stainless steel.

2. The bubble cleaning machine is equipped with a bubble-generating device so that the material is tumbling, removing the efficacy of pesticide residues on the product's surface.

At the same time, the appropriate amount of chemicals can be added to sterilize and fix the color.

Floating materials can be overflowed from the overflow tank, and sediment is discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

bubble washing machine

3、The box of the bubble washer is equipped with an overflow device.

The dirty material floats through the drum bubble and then can be discharged through the overflow port.

It is equipped with a quick-release impurity filter, which can be removed at any time to remove floating impurities.

4. If impurities such as weeds and hair are on the material, it can be equipped with a brush to remove them while cleaning.

5. The cleaning pool is equipped with a water circulation filtering device. Dirty water can be pumped out and purified by the high-pressure pump and then enter the cleaning pool by the water pump, significantly saving water consumption.

6. The climbing and lifting section is equipped with a secondary spraying device, which can wash and spray the cleaned products for the second time.

7. The feeding end is equipped with a forward-pushing device with an adjustable angle so that the material can form convection in the tank, which can clean the product more thoroughly and speed up the running speed of the product.

8. It can be equipped with a strong fan before discharging, effectively removing the excess water and facilitating subsequent processing.

9. The bubble washer can be equipped with a lifting device, which can drag out the whole mesh belt bracket and clean the sediment that stays at the bottom of the tank for a long time.

10. Bubble washing machine all by the mesh belt for transport.Mesh hole thickness can be customized according to customer requirements.

11. According to the user's different processing characteristics tailored to meet the process requirements, the cleaning operation speed can be adjusted, and the user can be arbitrarily set according to the other cleaning materials.

bubble washing machine

Technical parameters of the Water Bubble cleaning machine

Model Power Capacity Weight Dimensions
CQX-200 1.87kw/380v 500kg/h 230kg 2500x1000x1200mm
CQX-300 1.87kw/380v 1000kg/h 270kg 3000x1020x1350mm
CQX-400 2.57kw/380v 1000-1500kg/h 380kg 4130x1010x1550mm
CQX-500 3.37kw/380v 2000-2500kg/h 480kg 5200x1010x1550mm
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