Automatic discharge frying machine

Automatic discharge frying machine

Automatic discharge frying machine is a device used to cook food in hot oil. It is a type of industrial food processing machine. The machine can be used to cook a variety of foods, including french fries, chicken nuggets, and other food products.


The Automatic Discharge Frying machine is a more efficient fryer with an advanced electric control system and a material frame that can be lifted and lowered.

It can also be heated by natural gas, LPG, and electricity.

Raw material

The automatic discharge fryer is suitable for frying chicken, steak, lamb chops, French fries, and other types of fried food.

Product Features

1. Automatic discharge Frying machine adopts "oil and water separation" technology with a more advanced structure. (When choosing gas or LPG heating method, oil and water separation is not used)

2. The automatic discharge Drying machine can control the water and oil temperature separately to prevent water from boiling.

3. The oil frying produced during the frying process can be filtered through the water, sink to the bottom funnel, and discharged through the slag discharge port.

4. The automatic stirring function can be customized.

Technical parameters

















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