Root Vegetable Processing Machine

Root Vegetable Processing Machine

Root vegetable processing machine is a machine designed to assist with the preparation of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, and beets. Common features of root vegetable processing machines include slicing, shredding, grating, or chopping depending on the desired outcome. These machines can also be used for other vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Introduction of root vegetable processing line

The root vegetable processing line is mainly for potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, ginger, onion, and other vegetables for pre-processing.

root vegetable processing line

The primary production process includes root removal, cleaning, cutting, etc.

Capacity: 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, and customized capacity

Processing flow of root vegetable processing line

Washing and lifting machine - vegetable spiral peeling machine - vegetable picking conveyor - Elevator - vegetable cutting machine (shredding, mowing strips, slicing, dicing, splitting flaps, hobbing blocks, etc.) - vegetable washing machine - vegetable air drying machine - packing machine

Root Vegetable Processing Line

Main products of root vegetable processing line

Vegetable Washing and lifting machine

The primary function of the washing and lifting machine is to clean the vegetables simply before processing and then use the lifting device to convey the materials to the subsequent equipment for processing.

Vegetable Washing and lifting machine

Vegetable spiral peeling machine

The spiral peeler is a large-capacity peeling machine. The spiral conveyor inside the device can automatically transport the material from the inlet to the outlet, realizing automatic production.

Vegetable spiral peeling machine

Vegetable picking conveyor

A picking conveyor is an essential machine in vegetable processing production. It is used to pick out the unqualified material later debris during the material conveying process by manual means in various stages of processing to ensure the finished product rate.

Vegetable picking conveyor


Many vegetable processing machines have a lower discharge port than the inlet port.

The purpose of the vegetable elevator is to lift the material between the discharge port and the inlet port of different machines for transmission.

Vegetable cutting machine (shredding, mowing strips, slicing, dicing, splitting flaps, hobbing blocks, etc.)

According to the different requirements of the final use and shape of vegetables, vegetable cutting machines are usually divided into various types, such as vegetable shredders, vegetable cutters, multi-functional vegetable cutters, etc.

Vegetable Washing Machine

A vegetable washing machine generates bubbles through a bubble-generating device, and the impact produced by the bubble break can effectively clean vegetables and protect their integrity of vegetables.

The waste will be discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the vegetable cleaning machine.

vegetable cleaning machine

Vegetable air drying machine

The washed vegetables have more water, the vegetable air dryer uses the mesh belt to transfer the vegetables, and at the same time, the upper part of the machine is equipped with a certain number of fans to blow the water on the surface of the vegetables to dry quickly, the mesh belt can make the vegetables go through many times to turn over, and the air drying is more thorough.

Packing machine

The packaging machine in the vegetable processing line needs to be customized according to the parameters of packaging quantity, size rules, etc.

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main products

Vegetable elevator
Vegetable elevator, also known as a vegetable conveyor or vegetable lift, is a type of machinery found in food processing plants . It is used to transport fresh vegetables, fruits or other similar products vertically from one level of a facility to another.
Vegetable spiral peeling machine
Introduction of vegetable spiral peeling machine:The vegetable spiral peeling machine is an industrial appliance designed to quickly and efficiently
Vegetable sorting conveying machine
Vegetable picking machines are utilized in vegetable processing lines to aid in the manual selection of defective products and to enhance the output of the final product. Such machines are intended to streamline the process and increase efficiency by picking out unqualified products, resulting in improved yields.
Vegetable cutting machine
The vegetable cutting machine is durable, easy to clean, and can withstand daily use. Its powerful motor and advanced cutting blades can shred, slice, dice, cube, and grain your vegetables, in a matter of seconds, saving you valuable time and effort.
Vegetable Bubble cleaning machine
The Vegetable Bubble cleaning machine is a piece of equipment used for washing and cleaning vegetables, fruits, and other food products in a fast, efficient, and hygienic way. The machine uses bubbles to gently wash and remove dirt, debris, and other impurities from the food products without damaging them. The machine is often used in commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and other food-related facilities, where large quantities of produce need to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.
Vegetable air-drying machine
A vegetable air-drying machine is used to dry vegetables through the use of circulating air. This machine works by blowing air over the vegetables placed inside the machine, which helps to remove moisture from them. The machine is designed to help preserve vegetables by reducing their moisture content, extend their shelf life, and prevent spoilage.
Vegetable packing machine
A vegetable packing machine is a type of equipment used for packaging fruits and vegetables in a safe and efficient manner. They are designed to streamline the packing process by automating the weighing, bagging, sealing, and labeling of produce. Vegetable packing machines come in different sizes and configurations depending on the specific needs of the user.
Vegetable Root Cutting Machine
Vegetable Root Cutting Machine is designed to cut and slice root vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, beets, and turnips. The machine is equipped with sharp blades and The machine is commonly used in large-scale vegetable processing and production facilities, as well as commercial kitchens and restaurants that require a high volume of vegetable preparation.
Vegetable vortex washing machine
Vegetable vortex washing machine is a type of machine that is specifically designed to wash and clean fruits, vegetables and other produce. The machine works by creating a vortex, or whirlpool effect, which gently removes dirt, debris and surface contaminants from the produce.

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Continuous de-oiling machine
Continuous mesh belt vegetable deoiling machines are used to remove excess oil from vegetables or other food items prior to packaging.
Continuous frying machine
Continuous frying machine is a machine used to fry food in a continuous production line. It is typically used in the food service and food processing industries, and can fry a variety of foods such as chips, chicken, fish, and doughnuts.
Drum cleaning peeling machine
Commercial potato drum cleaners and peelers feed potatoes into a rotating drum filled with abrasive material to remove soil and impurities from the potato surface.
Fruit vegetable halving machine
Fruit vegetable halving machine is an appliance used to quickly and easily cut fruits and vegetables into halves or quarters. It is typically used to prepare produce for cooking or juicing.
Brush cleaning machine
Vegetable brush cleaning machine is a machine designed to wash and sanitise fruit and vegetables. It is usually used with hard or soft Brush The machine is designed to minimise the amount of water and labour required to wash fruit and vegetables.
Fruit vegetable Strip Cutting machine
Fruit vegetable strip cutting machine is a machine designed to cut fruits and vegetables into strips of various sizes and shapes. The machine is generally made up of a conveyor belt, a cutting blade, and a collection bin.

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