Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging machine

Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging machine

Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging machine is a machine for packaging food and other products that combines vacuum and nitrogen to create an oxygen-free environment that helps to keep food fresher for longer.

Introduction of Vacuum packaging machine

The vacuum packaging machine can extract the air from the package.

After reaching a predetermined vacuum value, flush in nitrogen and other gases to prevent the product inside the bag from corrosion, moisture, mold, and oxidation.

Vacuum packaging machine

Raw material of Vacuum packaging machine

The vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic composite film and aluminum foil composite film packaging.

Vacuum packaging machine

Product Features of Vacuum packaging machine

1. Vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging appearance, beautiful and generous, can be visualized to its proper form. Vacuum packaging shape folded, not easy to see the actual condition of its packaging products, packaging grade needs to be higher.

2. In Vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging, the pressure difference between inside and outside the balance (-600 ~ -700mmHg) air will not be able to gradually penetrate through the microporous packaging bag, to prevent premature corruption of fresh products and deterioration.

3. Vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging, the most suitable for fragile, afraid of squeezing materials packaging (such as flowers, crisps, casual food, etc.), vacuum packaging can not be achieved.

4. Some water content of food or materials after vacuum packaging due to the role of the pressure difference in the bag, food or material oil, and water seepage will affect the internal quality of food or materials and surface aesthetics.

5. Vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging can prevent food souring or extrusion from extending the storage time for some fried food or fruit and vegetable crisps.

Vacuum packaging machine

Technical parameters of Vacuum packaging machine

Model Power Weight Dimensions Packaging capacity Sealing size
DZ400 1kw/380v 80kg 540*520*850mm 60-160 Time/h 400mm
DZ400-2s 1kw/380v 180kg 1050*650*855mm 60-160 Time/h 400x10/2
DZ500-2s 2kw/380v 230kg 1220*680*900mm 90-360 Time/h 500x10/2
DZ600-2s 2.2kw/380v 320kg 1425*720*950mm 90-360 Time/h 600x10/2
DZ700-2s 4kw/380v 380kg 1650*810*900mm 90-360 Time/h 700x10/2
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