Discover our highly efficient automatic plantain chips production line designed for high-output manufacturers. Our article details the key processes including peeling, slicing, frying, de-oiling, and packing, all aimed at producing quality plantain chips. Find answers to commonly asked questions about our production line in the FAQ section.
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Discover our high-capacity Fried Onion Production Line, capable of producing 200kg/h to 1000kg/h of crispy, flavorful onion rings. Our comprehensive production line includes an Onion Root Cutter, Peeler, Washing Machine, Ring Cutter, Hoist, Fryer, Air Dryer, Quick-Freezer, and Packaging Machine, all aimed at providing a seamless, automated process for fried onion production. Learn more about our cutting-edge technology and customization options.
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Garlic cleaning machine is primarily used in garlic production lines to thoroughly clean peeled or sliced garlic using a bubble washing process, eliminating impurities.
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