Potato chips deoiling machine

Potato chips deoiling machine

Potato chips deoiling machine is a piece of equipment used to remove excess oil from freshly fried potato chips or other fried snacks. Removing the excess oil also improves the shelf life of the product by reducing the oil content, preventing spoilage and rancidity.

Introduction of the Potato Chips Deoiling Machine

Potato chips are a popular snack that many people around the world love. However, they are also notorious for being high in fat content due to the frying process.

Potato chips deoiling machines solve this problem by removing excess oil from freshly fried snacks, resulting in healthier and more enjoyable snacks.

This Potato Chips Deoiling Machine is commonly used in food processing, snack manufacturing, and agriculture-related facilities.

Characteristics of the Potato Chips Deoiling Machine

Large capacity:

The Potato Chips Deoiling Machine is designed to handle large volumes of potato chips, making it suitable for use in factories and large-scale production facilities.

Easy to clean:

It is easy to disassemble and clean the Potato Chips Deoiling Machine. Additionally, some models feature a detachable inner barrel to ease the cleaning process.


The potato chips deoiling machine operates on low energy consumption, reducing the production cost and making it an economical option for businesses.

Versatile usage:

Apart from potato chips, the machine can also be used to deoil other fried snacks, such as nuts, chips, and french fries.

Here are things to keep in mind when using the machine:

1. Use the Potato Chips Deoiling Machine per the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging the equipment and ensure optimal performance.

2. Ensure the snack is at an appropriate temperature before putting it in the deoiling machine, as this can affect the efficiency of the process.

3. Avoid overloading the machine, as this may lead to inconsistent results and excess wear and tear on the equipment.

4. Clean the Potato Chips Deoiling Machine after use to prevent the buildup of debris and bacteria, which can affect the quality of the snack.

5. Regularly check and maintain the machine for optimal performance and to prevent breakdown and damage.

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