Onion Peeling Machine

Onion Peeling Machine

The onion peeling machine operates by pneumatically cutting the roots of onions and can process a large number of onions per hour, making it an important part of the onion production line. It helps to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and maintain the quality of the onions while minimizing waste.

Product Brief:

The Onion Peeling Machine is an automated machine designed to effectively peel the outer skin layer of onions by cutting through the root using pneumatic pressure.

The Onion Peeling Machine is an integral part of the onion production line and ensures efficient onion peeling while minimizing wastage and maintaining onion quality.

The Onion Peeling Machine can also peel fresh and dried onions.

Key Features:

1. Pneumatic Operation:

The Onion Peeling Machine uses pneumatic pressure to remove the outer skin of onions.

2. High Efficiency:

The machine can handle a large volume of onions per hour with the help of a conveyor belt system that automatically feeds onions into the machine.

3. Low Wastage:

The machine can minimize onion wastage by removing only the outer skin.

4. High-Quality Output:

The machine peels the onions gently, preserving their quality and preventing damage.

5. Easy to Operate:

The Onion Peeling Machine is easy to operate and requires minimal training.


1. Improved Efficiency:

The Onion Peeling Machine can process a large volume of onions in minimal time, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

2. Time-Saving:

The machine saves valuable time, reducing onion peeling time significantly and enhancing the overall process.

3. Cost-Effective:

It is a one-time investment that reduces labor costs and onion wastage, making it a cost-effective solution.

4. Consistency:

The machine ensures uniform peeling, resulting in a consistent quality of onions.


Onion Peeling Machines are widely used in various industrial food processing plants such as onion dehydration plants, frozen food plants, canned food factories, and snack food plants.


The Onion Peeling Machine is a vital industrial equipment used for efficient and consistent onion peeling.

The Onion Peeling Machine helps increase productivity, maintain onion quality, and cost-effectively reduce onion wastage.

Investing in an Onion Peeling Machine is an excellent choice if you're in the food processing industry and looking to enhance efficiency while reducing costs.

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