Garlic Picking Machine

Garlic Picking Machine

Garlic Picking Machine is mainly used in garlic production lines to facilitate the removal of unqualified products or waste during the transportation process.


Garlic Picking Machine has the capability to effectively sort and select garlic bulbs with high quality for packaging and distribution, thereby simplifying the garlic harvesting process.


Efficient Picking System:

The Garlic Picking Machine features a powerful conveyor belt that can pick garlic bulbs at a high speed with great efficiency.

Automated Sorting System:

Employing a sophisticated automated sorting system, the garlic bulbs are accurately selected through fixed sorting stations, distinguishing bulbs of high quality from those that do not meet the standards.

Cutting-Edge Control System:

Equipped with cutting-edge software, the control system of the Garlic Picking Machine can be programmed and updated easily and incorporates the latest technology.

Easy Maintenance:

Its compact design makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring maximum longevity of the device.


With ease of transport and installation, the Garlic Picking Machine has a convenient and practical design, making it ideal for any garlic production line.


Safety measures should be taken before operating the machine.

1.Installation and repair of the machine should be carried out by a qualified technician.

2.The machine should be regularly maintained to ensure its proper functioning.

3.The automated sorting system should be frequently monitored to prevent malfunction.

4.Proper training of the operators and strict adherence to operational procedures are essential for optimal performance.

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