Garlic peeling machine

Garlic peeling machine

Garlic peeling machine is mainly used in garlic production lines to remove the skin from garlic cloves that have been separated. This is achieved through a physical process that automatically separates the garlic skin from the peeled garlic cloves.

Introduction of garlic peeling machine:

The garlic peeling machine is a specialized equipment used in garlic processing lines.

Its primary function is to remove the skin from garlic cloves that have been separated using a physical method.

The machine is designed to automatically separate the garlic skin and the peeled garlic cloves, which significantly improves the efficiency of garlic processing.

Features of garlic peeling machine:

The garlic peeling machine has several key features that make it an ideal choice for garlic processing:

High efficiency:

The machine is designed to peel garlic cloves, greatly improving garlic processing efficiency using.

Automatic operation:

The machine is fully automated and does not require manual intervention. Garlic cloves are fed into the machine, and the peeled garlic and skin are automatically separated.

Easy to clean:

The machine is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean, ensuring no garlic contamination during processing.

Adjustable peeling thickness:

The machine can be adjusted to peel garlic cloves of different sizes and thicknesses, making it suitable for processing a wide range of garlic varieties.

Precautions of garlic peeling machine:

When using the garlic peeling machine, several precautions should be taken:

1. The machine should be operated by trained personnel to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

2. Garlic cloves should be of good quality and not damaged, as this can affect the peeling efficiency of the machine.

3. The machine should be cleaned regularly to prevent contamination of the garlic during processing.

4. The machine should be maintained regularly to ensure the proper functioning and prevent breakdowns.

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